Thursday, August 20, 2009

Voice Thread

Wasn't this a brilliant idea someone had! I honestly had no idea that we had that kind of technology available to us to use every day, FOR FREE!!!!! Here is the link for the quick little voice thread I made. This could be used so well in the classroom. For example, if you were to take a class for SOSE and you were doing a unit on poverty, or something along those lines, you could easily throw together a few photo's of children/adults living in poverty and let all of the students see the photo's together, using the Internet.

Also, another way you could utilise this technology, would be if you were doing distance education. Once a week, or something along those lines, you could arrange for the student to have a class with you over the Internet.

The possibilities are endless with this kind of technology. It's all at your finger tips and it's all ready for you to use, you just have to get around to using it.

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