Thursday, August 20, 2009

Podcasting & Google Earth

Even though it took me a bit of time to finally get around to completing these two activities, I have now done them, and how many possibilities there could be to use them in the classroom!

They are both an excellent little tool to have handy to you. Firstly, Google Earth. This tool could be great if you were teaching your students about geography or sea beds, or something along those lines. Using google earth would actually get the learner to become interactive with the information they are learning about. This would benefit the hands-on learner as well.

With podcasting you would be able to utilise this program as well with regards to teaching lessons. I have not gone too in-depth with the podcasting, as it still confuses me quite a bit, but if there is a way to add your own video onto the website (which I'm sure there is), you could quite easily create your own little carry around lesson for your students. If any student was ever away, or did not fully understand what was taught throughout the lesson, and require some further help, simply by posting your podcast onto the website, you have a video that they can access 24/7.

Obviously, the limitations with these programs are still there. For example, if your school only has a very limited access to the Internet, google earth is something that may not be available to you. Also, the students within your classroom may not have access to tools such as the Internet and an i-pod when they are at home, therefore completely eliminating the option of a podcast.

With all great inventions, there are obviously limitations. If you can look past these limitations and maybe work out an alternative for your learners, these two programs can be utilised effectively within the classroom, if you wish.

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