Wednesday, July 29, 2009


As you can see, I have created my very first Voki. Completing this task was much more bearable that I originally thought it would be. The only real trouble I had was choosing which character to utilise!
I'm not too sure how we could use a Voki within the classroom, except to excite the students a little bit more, and perhaps make them engage in the activity better.
I don't personally think I would use a Voki in the classroom, as I don't really see the point. A Voki only does what you tell it to do, thus just making it more work to be completed for 15 seconds of fame.
Also, I found that out of all of the voices that you had to choose from, none of them were particularly easy to understand and hear. The voices were all quite computer-ish (sorry, just putting in my own words here), and kind of metallic. I know that I do not have any hearing difficulties, and I had trouble hearing it, and I just thought of the student's that do have hearing difficulties, how much trouble they would have hearing what the Voki has to say.
If you were to utilise a Voki within the classroom, you would have to take into consideration the voice that you use (and the type of difficulties any students in your classroom have) and also the time constraints you have when using a Voki.

RSS Aggregator

I have just completed the RSS Aggregator, and it was SO much easier than I expected!

I followed the steps that Scot outlined for stuff to be completed in Week 4, and for some strange reason, mine was NO where near as complicated as I expected it to be.

The blogs that I was following were already on there, as I have been going into my colleagues blogs, etc. and clicking on the 'follow' button on each of their blog pages. I was not aware, but this automatically created a 'subscription' within my Google Reader account.

Due to the fact that I have been 'following' (only in a friendly way, not a cyber-stalker way :)) people, everything came up automatically for me! The only person I had to add was myself.
When I added my own blog, it came up automatically as the kind of 'head' blog that I am following. I will put a screen dump of what my RSS Aggregator looks like.
As you can see, I am (at the moment) following 10 of my colleague's blogs. There is also another section (as most of you probably already know) which shows all of the posts and their titles that each person has completed on their blog. It also shows all of the feeds that I have completed (as you can see, I am at the top of the list, hence the 'head' blog).
I am SO happy that I have now completed this task, because it was something that I was dreading doing because it sounded so hard and difficult and confusing!
Feel free to ask any questions if you are having trouble (keep in mind I only completed my RSS Aggregator through Google, not Outlook).
Have a good one!

Monday, July 20, 2009


Hello all,

This is my first time to ever post a blog, so I thought I would start with something simple and sweet. I thought I would introduce myself.

My name is Claire Goodman and I am in my second year of a BLM (Primary). I began my degree at the Rockhampton Campus, but I have now moved to the Emerald Campus.

I am really enjoying the BLM program, particularly the practical side of it.

Well I think I might go, and I will hopefully post some more interesting (and relevant to this program) content later on.