Wednesday, August 12, 2009

My Journey

Wow! There is so much about the Internet that I am now learning that I had no idea existed before!

I am still struggling a little bit with the amount of content we have to cover just for assignment one (I am still working through 4.An Introduction to Teacher's Delivery Technologies, naughty I know!). There is so much information, I sometimes feel like my brain is going to explode!

One thing I did work out (which may have been obvious, but it took me a while to understand) was that when I was starting some stuff within Picnik, I had no idea how it all related to our blog (except for touching up some of our photo's to make us look even more gorgeous =]), until I started on my Flickr account. The photo's I have made very pretty (I am not very creative, so all I did was whitened my teeth =]) I uploaded on Flickr and I will now post on my blog. Because I am horrible for taking photo's, I have barely no nice ones of myself, my family, etc. so I thought to fill in the gaps a little bit, I would just use some of the photo's already posted by other people.

I thought I would make the theme something along the lines of, 'Where I have been & what is important to me'. I chose this because I thought it was extremely broad and I would be able to find plenty of photo's surrounding things that are important to me (such as family and music) and places I have been (my parents have quite a travelling bug and we have travelled to Bali, Thailand, New Zealand, Singapore and Kuala Lumpar). Although I found that some of the photo's were kind of just pictures of landscapes, etc. there were some good photo's that actually did remind me of these amazing places.

Well I well get a wriggle on and post some of these photo's for you guys.

Just a quick photo of my boyfriend Matthew and I, just to show that I can use Picnik and I can change the effects on pictures and add frames.

Just a photo I decided to change to black and white.

Sorry, but I'm sure how I can save the photo's that other people have taken, so I thought I would just add the link for them!

Also, the photo behind my blogs title is something I had a little play with on Picnik.



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